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Better late than never!

So due to back to school and a few other things going on at home we were delayed in listing our Autumn 2019 Maxomorra collection… but wait no more as they’re now all available- ready and waiting!

The new collection is simply beautiful, using some deeper and darker shades Maxomorra have brought us designs with depth and contrast.

Old Town print coordinating with teal and ochre basics

The ‘Old Town’ print combines the eternal favourites of our little ones- cars, trains and dogs, to create a lovely scene. Using the complimentary colour scheme used throughout the collection, it is possible to mix-and-match with other items for more outfit possibilities.

Gorgeous Golden Pear print showing the rich autumnal colours of the season
Cute cartoon Dalmatian dogs on a warm teal background for Dalmatian Buddy print

Maxomorra have really succeeded in producing a range of gorgeous, different prints which are also complimentary to each other and can be mixed up to create amazing outfit combinations!

Which one is your favourite?

My Rainbows UK <3

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