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Spring DUNS Sweden!

So we’ve received our despatch notice for DUNS!

Wednesday is the day!

Although we haven’t got word of the official global release, we’re so excited to receive our order!

There are so many gorgeous new prints coming I can’t even choose a favourite!

We have a wide range of prints coming including: Submarine, Big Radish, Sea Weed, Duck Pond and Radish!
Some are completely new designs and others are a redefinition and colourway of ever-popular prints.

We’re getting a range of styles in each print too, from dungarees to dresses, hooded zip suits to t-shirts; and zip suits to ladies t-shirts.
Perfect combinations to match the little ones with us grown-ups!
I know I cannot wait to get out there matchy-matchy’ing with my daughter!

Much love,
My Rainbows <3

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